self-advocacy-1 We defend and safeguard human rights through Independent Advocacy; Professional, Collective and Self-Advocacy Groups. speech-bubble-advocay


Independent Advocacy means that we make sure people:

  • Have a stronger voice.
  • Can access the most suitable information they need to make real choices.
  • Have as much control as possible over their own lives.
  • It also means we do not provide people with other services, such as care services.


Advocacy may not always get you the result you want but it does allow you to have your voice heard.



Professional Advocacy helps people tackle important issues in their lives. This could be problems with housing, mental or physical health, their support, money or other things.

An advocate could attend meetings such as adult support and protection, mental health tribunals, guardianship and annual reviews.

You can meet one to one with the advocate to discuss your issues. The advocate then works with you, or on your behalf, to improve this issue where possible.

We may speak up for people who are not able to do so for themselves through non-instructive advocacy. This happens when a person has complex communication needs that stops them from talking about their life and thoughts.


advocators-poster Collective Advocacy is a group of people coming together to improve an issue and have their voices heard.
At Advocating Together, this is mainly carried out by our Aitegether4Change group, made up of the Advocators and Communication Champions.
The members of this group seek out the views of their peers and highlight issues to decision makers.


Self Advocacy is about gaining the confidence to speak up for yourself. At Advocating Together we have regular self-advocacy groups, where people come together to:

  • Talk about common issues.
  • Keep up to date with important matters that affect them.
  • Take part in interesting activities.
  • Make friends.


You can download a referral form here. 


Please contact us if you would like to find out more about advocacy.



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